Medical travel process is broken down into six steps. As International Patient Department, we consider it to be our job to guide you through the individual steps. During each phase you will be in constant contact with specialists of International Patient Department.


Case Assessment


The first step in our process is your contact establishment with us.

You can contact International Patient Department using our Patient Form. In addition, you can reach International Patient Department using one of our communication lines indicating on Contact Information.
By simply describing what you are looking for (your expectations, requirements and preferences), what diagnosis you have received (your complete medical history) along with any applicable x-ray films and laboratory test results, what is your clinical status, what are other services you need and anything else you need to share.

The medical documents have to be:

  1. in Turkish or English,
  2. up-to-date (not older than 3 months),
  3. informative (for example: current status of the patient, last treatment, principal diagnosis and further conditions) and
  4. essential - please understand that we cannot handle too extensive documents.

Together with you, this will allow us to move to the next step; Medical Review.


Medical Review and Second Opinion

In this phase, the medical documents that are submitted or the information about the disease will initially be reviewed by our physician in the respective specialist area. Once our physicians have reviewed your medical history, we will inform you about the recommended course of treatment and whether it is advisable to travel to Turkey for treatment. Be sure that all your data is treated with total confidentiality.

Based on the initial information we have gathered, we will ready to make a preliminary Quote.

Obtain a Quote

A list of the anticipated costs of treatment will be prepared on the basis of the treatment plan.This is a provisional calculation, which is based on the medical review results that are provided and it may differ from the actual costs.

We will provide you a complete package quote with a complete treatment plan for you as soon as possible. Your complete package quote will contain all the costs of the journey including transfer from the airport, accommodation, treatment, rehab, family etc.

At this time, a dedicated international patient specialist will be assigned to you personally who will continue to guide you through the process. It is the international patient specialist's responsibility to keep you informed so you can make educated decisions about your journey and treatment.

Should you accept the plan, we will discuss preferred dates for your Journey.


Journey Planning

Once you approve, we will schedule all your physician appointments including diagnostic and laboratory tests & procedures, as well as surgical procedures if necessary. Also, high quality and personalized services go together with your medical care to assure a comfortable stay for you and your family. You will receive your complete and final journey plan and travel itinerary. The plan outlines every step along the way.

You are now ready for your travel in order to Receive your Treatment.

Receive your Treatment

Once you arrive at your destination a representative of BAŞKENT will already be expecting you. We will review your data and reconfirm that we have everthing correct. You will meet your physician the day before and if additional tests are required, they will be conducted at this time. After your procedure, our highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals guarantees the best possible care for you.

Also, our non-medical services are all designed to meet your needs, wants and demands. The specially developed facility concept provides you with a pleasant environment in which you can relax and recuperate.

You are now ready to be discharged from our hospital.

After Care

There are two aspects to after care: While you are still in Turkey and when you are back at home.

While you are still in Turkey
International Patient Department appreciate that the expectations of your journey may exceed receiving just medical treatment. We are happy to assist you to combine your treatment with additional travel. We work with our physicians and healthcare professionals to assess if you can travel Turkey and its destinations before or after your treatment. If necessary, we will arrange one of our physicians near your travel area and this physician has been interviewed by your physician and deemed to be supportive of your medical travel. Let us help you by assisting your insider travel program to Turkey. Tell us what you plan to do.

You may want to take advantage of the well established our physical therapy center and termal hotel. We are happy to assist you with getting into contact with our group facilities.

We are there for you, even after you have returned home. You will go home with the personal contact information of your international patient specialist and your physician. You will be equipped with clear guidance of what you should be doing and what you should be avoiding in the first few weeks after your return. Even, we will in contact with home pysician, if needed. We will provide the physician with all your medical information and together with the physician we will arrange treatment for you in your home country.